D365FO – Optimisation Advisor

Microsoft have started to become more proactive in helping organisations to keep D365FO optimised, and as you guess the ‘Optimisation Advisor’ is a key step along the way.

The optimisation advisor looks at your environment and compares the configurations and data setup to a set of pre-defined rules (these were pre-created based on Best Practise, but you can also create your own rules to add to these)

When the optimisation advisor is enabled – this is now turned on by default in new implementations, as a system administrator you may be greeted with this kind of message when you login to D365FO

Firstly – don’t be scared, the application will not make any changes to your data or configuration unless you ask it to!

If you click the ‘View the Optimisation Advisor‘ link you will be brought into the D365FO Optimisation Advisor workspace.

This is a really useful workspace as you can see it lists all the optimisations that the application has self-diagnosed. If we now select the message that we were shown in the above pic, you can see more detail about exactly what action the application is suggesting you might want to take to optimise system performance.

Remember its up to you to take an action or not, D365FO wont change itself and relies upon the user taking the action manually. So if you press ‘Take Action’ then essentially all this does is clear this message from the Optimisation workspace….. it may come back in the future….

You can find out more about this useful feature here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365/unified-operations/dev-itpro/sysadmin/optimization-advisor-overview

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