Enable D365 Sales Orders for Resource Scheduling / Booking

In D365 you can enable the booking/scheduling of ‘resources’ directly from the D365 Sales Hub > Sales Order. However as you can see below ‘Sales Orders’ are not in the enabled list of CDS data entities when you first deploy D365.

This means you have a manual config task to do before you can start booking resources against your sales orders.

Whilst its not a hard thing to figure out, it did surprise me that it wasnt done by default.

Here is how to do it:

  • Open D365 Resource Scheduling and click on the Settings menu from the Home page
  • Now you will need to click on the Administration menu option from the settings page as below
  • You will now be looking at the Scheduling Settings, here click the Enable Resource Scheduling for Entities feature
  • You will now be able to use the form below to add more CDS entities to the enabled list. You can see on the right hand-side that I have already added the ‘Order (Salesorder) entity and I am about to add the Sales Order Line Entity as well
  • Once you have selected the entity from the drop-down list you can choose ‘Publish‘ and the system will self-configure the selected entity and enable it, as you can see below when its completed

OK so once the above has been done you will now be able to see a new ‘Book‘ menu option in the D365 Sales Hub > Sales Order

This is where you need to have done some prior setup of resources in the D365 Resource Scheduling app – I will cover that task in another post, but to finish off this basic process you can see below the Schedule Board will open

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