AI for Dynamics 365

Its an amazing time to be a consultant, with so much for us all to learn and understand and translate for our customers. Artificial Intelligence, or AI for short is the phrase on everyone’s lips at the moment.

Microsoft have taken their capable Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform (D365CE) and sprinkled the AI fairy dust on it with the specific offerings below:

What is Dynamics 365 Sales Insights

Its an add-on license that you can apply per user and sits alongside D365 Sales as mentioned above. A couple of the things this can do are:

  • Look at your email & MS Teams streams, AI scans those communications to identify useful information about a contact and presents it to your sales team to leverage.
  • It looks at your leads and can execute some predictive scoring techniques to help you identify which leads are most likely to land based on a mixture of AI & Machine Learning.

Note: There used to be an Dynamics 365 Market Insights Preview , however this is no longer available to new customers and the service is scheduled to end for existing customers on May 11, 2020. Microsoft plan to incorporate the core technology and learnings into Dynamics 365 Customer Insights and Bing industry updates.

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