Using Scrum in the context of D365

In my 14+ yrs of consulting I have seen many Dynamics 365/AX projects take longer than they should, cost more than was planned and deliver less than was expected. > hindsight is a wonderful & sometimes painful thing! In recent years I have become more convinced than ever Continue Reading

Enable D365 Sales Orders for Resource Scheduling / Booking

In D365 you can enable the booking/scheduling of ‘resources’ directly from the D365 Sales Hub > Sales Order. However as you can see below ‘Sales Orders’ are not in the enabled list of CDS data entities when you first deploy D365. This means you have a manual config Continue Reading

AI for Dynamics 365

Its an amazing time to be a consultant, with so much for us all to learn and understand and translate for our customers. Artificial Intelligence, or AI for short is the phrase on everyone’s lips at the moment. Microsoft have taken their capable Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform (D365CE) Continue Reading

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (D365CE) is the name that has been given to a collection of Apps that Microsoft have built based on the Common Data Service. This can be seen as the replacement/enhancement of the previous Dynamics CRM solution. So D365CE is a flexible modular system Continue Reading